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Nethergate Academy

Post-16 Curriculum

Our sixth form caters for students aged 16-19 with a range of special educational needs, including autism and social and emotional needs.

Our main aims are:

  • To support our young people in making a successful transition from adolescence into adulthood.
  • To provide an engaging curriculum that further enables personalised learning opportunities and allows our young people to both consolidate and broaden their skills.
  • To ensure readiness for independent living, further education and/or supported employment.
  • To support students in becoming active members of their communities, who participate and make a positive contribution.

The Curriculum

All 6th form students access learning at an appropriate level, within small teaching groups and with well-informed pastoral support. We take a holistic approach to preparing our young people for adulthood, and key life skills are embedded within our curriculum and daily routines.

Our young people follow personalised study-programmes suited to their individual needs, interests and future aspirations. Our curriculum can be ever-changing, depending on the future goals and aspirations of our young people. Teaching staff work closely with other professionals and parents/carers when setting targets (EHCPs), and study programmes are tailored accordingly.

Students at Nethergate Sixth Form are usually working between Entry Level 1 and Level 1, and follow one of two main pathways.

For more information about the Post-16 Curriculum, please contact

Katie Howse, Assistant Principal (Upper School) on the Academy’s admin email address: